Social media management.

So you want to start promoting your business to potential customers, but how do you know to target the right demographic? That’s where we can help. We can create and polish off your social profile, manage posts and even generate business by using targeted social campaigns.

What to expect.

1. Establish a connection.

Firstly we’ll take a look at your current online profile if you have one. From there we will discuss with you what you want to achieve from your social presence, be it sales, shares or awareness.

2. Online profile proposal.

At this point we’ll design an online proposal where we can outline the strategies we will use to increase your online social profile.

3. The campaign launch.

Once we’ve told you what we’ll do, then we’ll get to work implementing it to full force. We can even integrate your profile with other things such as your online shop or website.

4. A few extra tweaks.

Because this is an ongoing process, this stage means amplifying the things that do work and tweaking the things that didn’t quite hit the mark. The end result is a social campaign that works and ultimately helps you hit your targets.

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